Brandon talks MEGA MAN LEGACY

An In Depth Review and Analysis of the new Mega Man Legacy collection.

Brandon looks at ALL SEVEN Star Wars Films!

All SEVEN Star Wars Films Revisited.

The Killing Joke is HERE!

DONOVAN MORGAN GRANT from Everything You EVER wanted to know about The Killing Joke is here!


Out download numbers have SKYROCKETED lately so if you aren't already listening to the Lucha Bros - what the hell are you waiting for!?

Laidback Gourmet Video: Sprinkled Donuts Cereal

The WACKIEST video Ed has EVER MADE?


Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show

Join pro wrestling historians Big D and Brandon Draven for a wacky and fun journey through the history of professional wrestling. The most in depth and analytical discussion of ANY show on the interwebs AND brings the barrel of laughs along the way. Its like no other show you've ever heard - I promise.

Forced Perspective Movie Podcast

Join SportsGuy and Adolfo as they discuss films - past and present - in a way only they can! Mixing serious film talk with antics, FORCED PERSPECTIVE is a show that film buffs do not want to miss!!! PLUS, they are currently attempting to review EVERY DISNEY ANIMATED FILM EVER!

World Championship Boxing Podcast

LoganFromTheFuture and Boxing Expert 1Silva Present the PREMIER source for Boxing podcasting on the web. In addition to covering and previewing all of the big fights, Logan and 1Silva also wax poetic on the Greatest Performances in Boxing History from several legends of the sport.

2600 Reasons to Play

"Video Game Master" and President of Edmerica Mr. Eddie takes a classic video game from Atari 2600 and shows you how to play. Check out his amazing video series which also features Lutecrate unboxings and all sorts of wacky from the man once known as Captain Wacky.
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