Laidback Gourmet: Burger King’s Hamburger with French Fries On It Gimmick

Hello and welcome back to the Laidback Gourmet. Since yesterday was National Hamburger day I knew I had to take a look at something related to hamburgers. I guess Burger King could technically be classified as hamburgers in the same way Play Dough is technically edible. So we’ll be “having it our way” and taking a trip over to the neighborhood Burger King:

Does that second picture mean I can put hot dogs on my hamburger?

Actually, I really didn’t have a choice, not after what I saw. There I was, watching Sunday afternoon Football and what do I see on my screen? (Not my beloved NY Giants winning, thats for sure) I saw an ad for a brand new burger at Burger King where they cram french fries on top of your burger. Apparently they got the idea watching bored 3 year olds playing with their food while waiting to go into the playroom. Well, this is still wacky enough for me to look at:

You know, as far as fast food burgers go this one almost looks like it’s promo picture! …almost.

Well, at least besides french fries you get all the fixings which is nice since this sandwich is only a dollar off their value menu. Actually I have to admit that for a dollar for the value menu there’s quite a bit of height to the burger though that’s probably due to the layer of french fries stacked on top. Speaking of:

This ain’t no Fat Cat.

There they are, like 5 little logs of potatoes stacked on my burger. Building up a little dam to keep the ketchup from flooding and wiping out the little villagers in hamburger valley. …I kind of feel like this metaphor as gotten away from me. Anyway, let’s put the lid back on and take a bite:

Om no nom

Actually, as far as fast food burgers go, this isn’t terrible. The thing is I’m not really sure if the potatoes really add or detract from the burger. I was thinking the mushiness of the fries would throw off the texture of the burger but it really doesn’t. On the flip side I thought maybe the toasty saltiness of the fries would add a boost to the overall flavor of the burger but it doesn’t do that either. Honestly speaking, the fries really don’t matter at all. They’re neither here nor there. It’s like the non-entity of fast food burgers. I know this is normally where I’d use my cartoon avatars as scores to review but I think that this sums up the final score perfectly:

Well that concludes this edition of the Laidback Gourmet. Thank you, as always for reading, and please send all feed back to my Edmerican email account Until next time I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet just sitting here wondering, if this is BK’s newest outing, I wonder what McD is up to?

Psst, in the business that’s what we call a teaser

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