Laidback Gourmet: Jersey Devil Honey Wine

Hello and welcome back to the Laidback Gourmet. It’s getting near that time of year again. November has just started, the air is cooling off, the trees are going bare, and Christmas advertisements have been playing for the past 9 weeks. It’s that time of year that everyone tells you that you need to get into the spirit of the season. So I decided for the month of Novemeber I’m going to do exactly that. Get into the “spirit” of the season and review a different alcoholic beverage every week. If I’m not holly jolly by the end of this month I don’t know what else to do! (DHLEE!)

To start off the month right I figure I would take a look at one of the oldest alcohols on the planet: Mead. Mead, or more accurately in this case, honey wine, has been around for thousands of years and is basically the result of fermenting honey and water, give or take a bunch of other steps.

Yes, I know that technically mead and honey wine are not exactly the same thing, but come on, I’m a guy whose usual schtick is to review the textural and “wacky” quality of Ho-Hos, so cut me some slack. Since adult beverages isn’t usually my forte, how exactly did I know which honey wine I should review?

Some things were just made for this blog.

That’s right. Jersey Devil Honey Wine. That has to be the most kick ass bottle I’ve ever seen. It was easy to find because it was on the shelf by itself because all the other bottles knew to give something this bad ass a lot of space. Let’s pour out a glass:

I broke out the good $1.50 dollar wine glasses for this review.

I know that when one typically reviews a wine they’re supposed to say stuff like “tannic” so here goes: Don’t spill this on a well dressed boat captain because the last thing he’d want is his tie-tannic.”

Now that I used the fancy wine words properly I can get on with the review. The color of the wine reminds me of honey, which I suppose is exactly what it should remind me of. The smell is pleasant too. There’s a definite wine aroma among the typical “wine smell.” I think this is where you’re supposed to swirl it around the glass and snort it up your nose but that just burns like hell. Id rather drink it normally, its much easier that way. Those fancy wine people are just hard core taking it up the nose like that. Let’s give a sip:

I’m not sure what onomatopoeia there is for wine drinking

Hey! That’s actually quite pleasant. I might be biased because I really enjoy honey, but this is quite good. It has a strong honey taste with a nice sweetness that lingers a bit. It’s a bit “heavy” as I’ve heard people who know what they’re talking about would say, which means its a ever so slightly thicker than a normal wine. Subtle, but something you could notice. However, that’s not uncommon for honey wine so I’m not complaining. Also one might consider the alcohol content a bit “strong” but I have a fairly high tolerance for that so again, not complaining. All in all this would be something nice to drink after dinner with, or instead of, dessert. Oh, and look at that bottle… high marks for wackiness obviously. Final Score:

Well that concludes this first spiritual Laidback for the month. Thank you for reading, please send any thoughts, suggestions, or praise to Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet, hoping that all the serious wine people out there don’t deluge me with hate mail.

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