Laidback Gourmet: Mallomars

Welcome back to the Laidback Gourmet. There are a few great migrations we see throughout the year. The Monarch Butterflies moving across an entire continent. The swallows that return to Capistrano every year. However, out of all the great migrations and returns we see through the year none compare to that of the wonderful yellow boxes of chocolate marshmallow cookies returning to the stores.

This was the original magical box Spielberg wanted to use

Yes, as summer comes to a close and the weather starts to cool off its that time of year again. Mallomars are now returning back on the shelves of your local supermarkets if they haven’t arrived already. It’s a time of joy. It’s a time of celebration. It’s a time to stock up because the price shoots up by 300% after the first two weeks.

Now I know what you’re thinking, aren’t Mallomars a bit old for me to be reviewing, they’ve been around for quite a long time. True, true, I tend to look at newer things, but there’s two factors that lead me to taking a look at these cookies this week. One: I really loved the Swallows of Capistrano references, and two: they haven’t just been around for a while, they’ve been around for a century! This is Mallomars’ 100th year birthday, and in my eyes, that’s worth taking a look at these cookies.

So for the uninitiated, what exactly are Mallomars? Mallomars are cookies made by Nabisco that take a layer of cookie topped with a mound of marshmallow that’s then coated in chocolate. It’s the latter part that keeps these from being year round treats, the chocolate coating is best when it has a slight crispness to it, and summer hear would ruin that texture.

That’s why they disappear every year from the shelves when the temperature starts to rise. A cookie made out of chocolate and marshmallows would be a pain to ship I’d imagine in the dog days of summer. However, around this time every year, after Labor Day, and after the kids return to school you’ll see the local store advertisements claim that Mallomars are on their way back. If heat is one flaw to these cookies I can think of one other:

Even with autofocus on their glory couldn’t be photographed properly

You only get like 20 to a box! Technically not even 20, its more like 18. That’s not nearly enough chocolate/marshmallow/cookie love. However, they probably limit how many they put in a box for our safety. Willpower can only last so long around these, so it’s for our own good that there’s only 18 to a box.

Looks like a chocolate hamburger. Shhh, don’t tell McDonalds!

There you have it. That’s a Mallomar. Look’s a bit like Oddjob’s hat. Ironic since both are known to blow your mind, though in different ways. Right now the layers remain hidden behind a mysterious chocolate veil, but I am about to unlock those secrets.

Om Nom Nom

Delicious! Though honestly, I’ve been praising these cookies from the start of the review did you expect anything less? There’s a certain zen to these cookies. Soft marshmallow, slightly crisp chocolate, crumbly cookie. The tastes and textures are just in perfect balance. Is it any wonder people look forward to these cookies return every year? Don’t just take my word for it, I don’t usually bring real life stuff into these reviews, but my dad, DiFolco Classic, even commented about Mallomars, “They’re one of the only things from my childhood that taste exactly how I remember them.” That’s a time tested formula right there. Final score:

Well that concludes this edition the Laidback Gourmet. Thank you as always for reading and as always send all your feedback to my personal email address: Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet hoping these cookies stay around for another 100 years. Always assuming that those damned Morlocks don’t bogard our Mallomars. Dont get it? Read a book. Dhlee.

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