Laidback Gourmet: Oreo Brownie

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I feel like we have discussed these classic sandwich cookies once or twice before. There are so many different adaptions on this simple cookie that it boggles the mind. What’s more is that very few of those adaptations ever really live up to the original. Well, never call me a quitter because this week Im going to take a look a different kind of Oreo spinoff. The Oreo Brownie:

Rule 32 of foods. If it exists there’s a bar form of it.

I saw these by chance at the local Wawa. If you dont know what a Wawa is then you obviously have never been to Edmerica or New Jersey, which is the wackiest of all the states.

Actual satellite photo

My first thought when I saw this on the shelf was honestly that this could actually be pretty good. Why not? Oreos are chocolate; Brownies are chocolate. Oreoes have filling; Brownies have Filling. Oreos are best when enjoyed with milk; Brownies are best when enjoyed with milk. Oreos have never been implicated in the JFK assassination; Brownies… probably have never been implicated of that either.

The point is that I’m pretty optimistic going into this Oreo based experiment. So optimistic that I couldn’t even wait until I got back home to my laboratory. No, I had to try these ASAP, so I’m doing this review right on the hood of Ed Force One.

“All Good In The Hood”

So far so good, because it actually has a nice aroma. It’s also a bit heftier than I thought it would be. What about the filling though?

“The prophecies were true!”

There we go. It’s just as unnaturally white as you could want it to be. Let’s give this a shot.

om nom nom

Wow! Something I had high hopes for actually met those hopes for a change! The brownie is nice and fudgy and the icing compliments it well. The brownie itself might not be the highest quality chocolate ever, but its comparable to that of of a little Debbie Brownie, and those are fairly good. I don’t know how much like an actual Oreo it tastes like but the filling does taste like the filling one finds in a sandwich cookie. All in an all a pretty tasty, if definitely unhealthy snack:

Well that concludes this edition of the Laidback Gourmet. Thank you, as always, for reading, and as also, as always, please send any and all feedback to Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet and I’m off to write the Ancient Alien/JFK Assassination/Oreo Cookie Conspiracy theory. It’ll be on the Discovery Channel by the summer.

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