The Laidback Gourmet: Applebee’s Won Ton Tacos

Welcome to the Laidback Gourmet and I’m really glad you’re here, I have got a really special review for you today. I am going to review a real blast from the past. I have gotten my hands on something really rare. Check this out:

That’s right, as you can clearly see from this obviously undoctored image I have gotten my hands on a vintage can of Crystal Pepsi and an even more vintage box of Nintendo Power cereal.

Big D: “Dhlee? What the hell is this Ed?”

What do you mean D? Isn’t this awesome?

Big D: “Ed… this is clearly a Photoshop job. And a really bad one at that!”

It… it is not… I went back to the 80s and got these items to review. Look, I’ll prove it, check it out:

See? What further proof do you need that this is completely real and from the 80s?

Big D: “Oh for crying out loud. This is getting wacky even for you. Besides, why are you doing all this? I already asked you to review something this week, something I’ve been wanting you to review for months now.

Fine… they aren’t real pics, though I can’t figure out how you were able to see my perfect illusion. The thing is, I just can’t do the review you want me to do Dhlee. There’s no way I could eat a one ton taco. That’s way too much food!

Big D: “Oh for the love of Ged. I said review Applebee’s WON TON TACOS, not ‘one ton tacos’ ya wackjob!”

Ohhhhhhh… that actually makes a lot more sense. And they sound like they could be good. Guess I’m going to have to take the show on the road and do this review live on location:

So after perusing the menu I asked for one order of Chicken Won Ton Taco appetizers. According to the menu they are: “Zesty pulled pork or grilled chicken stuffed in crispy wonton shells and topped with crunchy Asian slaw with cilantro.” I wanted to get a split order of both pork and chicken but they wouldn’t let me do that. Someone’s gonna get a snake in their mailbox. So after a bit of a wait my order has arrived:

Well my first impression is what a mess. I was suppose to get 4 individual tacos but this looks like one big clusterfreak. However to be fair, upon closer inspection they really are 4 distinct different tacos, I just think the Asian slaw they put on is just slapped on all 4 at one time giving it a more lumped together appearance. Here’s what an individual one looks like:

That looks much better. They do look quite good and they smell awesome. Let’s open this up in the least suggestive way possible and see what’s going on inside one of these tacos:

Nope, that’s still somehow suggestive. Anyway, as you can see we get exactly what the menu promises. It’s diced chicken in some sort of sauce with a sort of slaw on top all wrapped up in a fried wonton shell. And since I have the attention of every single person on my side of the restaurant for taking photos at the table I feel like now’s as good as time as any to try it.

Om Nom Nom

That’s pretty good. You get the crunchy yet somehow still chewy shell first and then you get the slightly sweet and salty flavor of the spice and chicken all mixed with the crunchy freshness of the slaw. It’s quite good. The whole thing ends up being a mix of flavors while not being as greasy as I thought it might be from its fried shell. It’s not all sunshine and roses though, they do promise cilantro and on that they deliver. I bit too much of it I feel.

Disclaimer: I’m not really much of a fan of cilantro but even allowing that it tastes like there’s a whole lot of it in this. Much more than actually is needed. That’s a minor nitpicking though, since they are still pretty good if not a bit salty. 7 out of 10, if you happen to go to Applebees you could do worse than give this appetizer a try.

And that concludes a special on location Laidback Gourmet. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the wackiness. Feel free to send any comments, suggestions for future reviews, or just a random “Hoi D” by emailing me at Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet, reminding you….

Big D: “Hold up Ed. Before you go, where on earth would you have gone to get a one ton taco anyway?”

That’s easy Dhlee, down in Mexico obviously, didn’t you see this on the news?

Big D: “Dhlee?”

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