The Laidback Gourmet: Two New Doritio Flavors

No, this isn’t the ghost of Christmas Past, this is the return of the gone but also probably forgotten Laidback Gourmet. Even though I’ve been a bit busy lately there was no way I could let my favorite holiday pass without doing a special holiday edition of the LBG. So faster than Santa going up the chimney after eating at Taco Bell lets get this review started by taking a look at the two newest flavors of Dortios: Salsa Rio and Sour Cream and Onion.

I got two things to review today so let’s get started right awa….

Big D: “What the hell? I thought you said you were going to put a Christmas Special up. What does Doritios have to do with Christmas?!”

They’re red and green, aren’t they?

Big D: “I guess… but can’t you make it more christmasy?”

Fine… how’s this?

Big D: “Better, but can’t you do something else?”

Well, I’m wearing my Santa’s hat right now, does that count?”

Big D: “But, you don’t show your face during the LGB…”

That’s ok, I never said I was wearing it on my head.

Big D: “Dhlee!”

Now, if I may continue? Thanks. Apparently 5,300,318 flavors of Doritos wasn’t enough, they needed to add two new flavors to their family. They add so many new flavors its not even a big deal anymore. I remember when they added Cool Ranch to their line up it seemed like a huge thing at the time. Maybe it was because of this trippy commerical.

I might have posted that video before but I’m much too lazy to go back and look if I did or not. Besides, its one of my favorite ads, its like aliens visited the south west to bring us delicious heart attack inducing snacks. It’s their very slow and subtle plan to take us over. The Illuminati will surely try to beat the aliens to the punch with little Debbie Snack Cakes.

Anyway, back to the chips. Honestly I’m only feeling one of these flavors so let’s start with the one that sounds best to me, Salsa Rio. Though I have to question the name. What exactly makes this salsa Rio? Is it from Rio De Janeiro? Are they shipped on a river? Were they made by obnoxious birds? I cannot take these mysteries any longer, let’s open the bag!

Nice red pseudo-salsa color and they smell pretty good too. Here’s a better look at a chip:

Ok, Let’s give them a try…

*Om Nom Nom

Wow! I called this one right, they are pretty good. Better than pretty good, they’re really good! I’m impressed! Nice salsa style flavor with a hint of ‘brightness’ to give you the feeling that you’re eating fresh salsa along with a slight bit of heat. A very nice combination of flavors, honestly one of the better chips I’ve had in a while! My score: 9/10 at least. The rest of the bag WILL be finished over the holiday weekend for sure!

And now… we move on the Sour Cream and Onion bag. Ironically it’s green… like the Grinch. Let’s open them up like a Christmas Present, I just hope these are more like getting that toy you wanted and not that pair of ugly socks you always seem to get.

Yea… I’m thinking it’s more akin to the socks… Honestly they don’t smell that bad, but they don’t smell like much of anything. I love sour cream and onion chips but usually they have a strong aroma. These do not. What would Light do in a situation like this?

That’s good advice… so lets if I can do this right… I’ll take a chip…


*Om Nom Nom

…somehow I feel like mine wasn’t as epic. Ah, oh well, neither are these chips. They’re not that bad but they aren’t that good either. The sour cream and onion taste isn’t very strong at all and its just not a flavor that compliments corn tortillas. My score: 5/10, a complete and solid ‘meh’.

So to sum this rambling completely Christmas relevant review if you happen to see the Salsa Rio chips on the shell pick them up and give them a try. If you see the Sour Cream and Onion ones… pick up the Salsa Rio chips. Oh, one last thing, I really do love the retro style backs. The older bags seemed to have so much more personality than the ones today but that could be that I’m a cranky old coot.

Well, the Ghost of Christmas Future is pointing at his wristwatch so I guess I better wrap this up. Thank you, as always, for reading. Pleas feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or just a warm holiday greetings by emailing me at Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet and I want to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

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