Laidback Gourmet: Kool Aid Liquid

Welcome back to the Laidback Gourmet where Nostalgia is always highly valued around these parts. Those little things that brings memories of your childhood. On that subject is there anything that brings memories of hot summer afternoons than a cold sugary glass of Kool Aid? Was it the taste? Was it the sugar? Or was it the idea of a giant anthropomorphic pitcher bursting through your wall so he can defeat your medieval enemies and you can celebrate by drinking his colorful fluids?

Whatever it was Kool-Aid was a staple of an Edmerican summer. However like many childhood things Kool Aid is just something I, and I’m sure many others, just stopped drinking as I got older. I can’t really explain why, maybe it’s the sugar content, maybe it’s simply that tastes change. Well, something caught my eye this week at the food store and they were in the cart before you could say “OH YEAH”, and that’s what I’ll be looking at this week. So the first thing we need is some water, so I went to Germany and got myself two glasses:

And apparently a few extra glasses to boot.

Well, if water is an important ingredient to making Kool Aid, I guess the most important ingredient is the Kool Aid itself… duh. However, we’re not going to mess with any messy powders like a chump, oh no! We’ll be using the brand new sugar free liquid kool aid mini bottles!

Ich Bein Ein OH YEAH!!!!!

They’re basically like Mio but with a smile. They come in 4 flavors, all traditional Kool Aid flavors: Cherry, Orange, Grape, and Tropical Punch. I went with my two favorites growing up: Orange and Grape. The cool thing is that unlike other pre-packaged powdered drinks that are all the rage, you don’t need a specific amount of water. Just squirt in as much flavor as needed or desired, like so:


Just give it a stir, or a shake if using a bottle and your good to go. I’ll just add the orange and we’ll see what the final product looks like:

The blurriness was done for effect… really.

Hrm. You know a drink is good when it doesn’t even last long enough for you to take a photo of it. Drinking these two flavors was like stepping back into a time machine. Sometimes revisiting things you remember from your childhood are just plain disappointing, but in this case these drinks were as good as I remembered, and since they’re sugar free they come with a lot less calories. I’ll make sure I keep a bottle or two of these around this summer! High marks all around! Final Score:

Oh yeah!

Well, that concludes this trip back in time. Thank you as always for reading and as always please send all comments, suggestions, praise, etc to Until next time this is Ed DiFolco your Laidback Gourmet saying Verärgerte Hunde lasen schmutzige Pornografie. I hope that was German for: “See you next time.”

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