The Laidback Gourmet: McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes

Top O’ The Morning to you my loyal lads and lasses and welcome to the Laidback Gourmet, the best place on the net to get your Irish Eyes a-laughing. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and I feel like celebrating.

Big D: “Damnit Ed, St. Patrick’s Day was weeks ago!”

Oh… that would explain why everyone was wearing green. Never the less, even though it’s a few days late I have the pinnacle of St. Patricks Day right here in front of me. The legendary: Shamrock Shake.

It’s a bit different than the way I remember it. Used to just come in a opaque cup and that was it. This is a fancy see-through cup with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Much classier. It’s like Ronald McDonald is wearing a top hat or something. Of course most clowns that wear top hats usually just come off like hobos so maybe that’s not the image McD’s is going for here. Actually, now that I think about it, McDonalds is an Irish last name, isn’t it? Only fitting they’d make a shake made out of shamrocks I suppose. But, I digress…

Hey, I really should have an Irish ancestor help me with review, I wonder if I have one of those…

??????: “Here I be me laddy.”

Wow, what a really bad photoshop effect

??????: “Hush now, tis no photoshop, I be no more than what the good lord made me.”

Ok, if that’s what we’re going with… dare I ask who you are?

??????: “I’m your great uncle, twice removed! Moi name is Edmus Fitzpatrick Oi’Malley Oi’Brian Tennacy Murphey McLoughlin Oi’Reilly… but you can call me “Edmus Oi’Reilly.”

Oh really?

Edmus Oi’ Reilly: “”Thats moi name, and devil a man to say a word agin he.””

Ok… this is starting to make my head hurt, so I’m going to just move on and taste the darned thing already.


You know, you always have people wondering what flavor the Shamrock Shake is with one side arguing its a mild mint while the other side argue its just a green vanilla and you’re only imagining the mild mint flavor because it’s green and you expect it. Well I’m here to say they must have changed the forumla slightly because there’s no mistaking the minty flavor of this one. It’s actually quite good. Not disgustingly minty, but a nice cool mint. Definately a big thumbs up on this one, 9/10.

Well that concludes another Laidback Gourmet, thank you as always for reading. And, as always, you can send all your comments and suggestions to my email at Until next time, this Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet who’s getting ready to write an apology to the Irish American Defamation League… …and to look for a better photoshopper, er… photographer.

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