Laidback Gourmet: Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes

Hey all and welcome back to the Laidback Gourmet. Sighs, you know I feel like I haven’t done anything really wacky as a review lately. Sure, there were some interesting new chips and my reviewing table was cast in the dark netherworlds of the unknown, but hey that’s nothing that would make your average Edmerican turn his head and say DHLEE to. Well, maybe this week will be a little different. I walked out onto my porch this morning and there was a green package sitting there for me. Apparently my Great Uncle Edmus Oi’Riley from Ireland sent me something to review. Here’s the note that was enclosed:

Edmus: “Top O DHLEE Morning Great Nephew. I know St. Patrick’s Day has come and past but I figured you would enjoy a real Irish Edmerican Treat. Best Regards, Your Great Uncle twice removed, Edmus Fitzpatrick Oi’Malley Oi’Brian Tennacy Murphey McLoughlin Oi’Reilly”

That was enough to pique my interest so I opened it up and bless me bagpipes, I got me something wacky to review all right! Take a look at these:

I thank for the wacky feast I am about to recieve

Just look at them! Tiny little potatoes to eat and review! It’s like manna from wacky heaven! I wish I had gotten them to review for St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m going to guess something this wacky had trouble going through customs. These things have been known to happen when shipping Edmerican goods. It’s usually because whenever we’re asked, “Do you have anything to declare?” we usually answer “Dhlee.” which just confuses the poor souls. Let’s open this box up!

Like 15 little turds begging to be shoved into your gaping maw.

I wonder how I should cook these things up? I wouldn’t want to mash them up or anything, I would want to keep them in their original shape because they’re cute. Seriously, not to lose man-creds or anything but these things are just adorable. Just look at them!

This is actually just a meteorite I caught the other day before it hit Earth.

So hey, and it turns out they aren’t little potatoes at all, they’re actually some kind of something covered in what Im going to guess is cinnamon. It certainly smells like cinnamon, and they’re soft. I actually think they’re some kind of candy, now my interest is REALLY piqued! They actually smell awesome and I really cannot wait to taste one of them and see what they are so here goes.

*Om Nom Nom*

It even looks like mashed potatoes on the inside!

Turns out they’re some kind of cinnamon covered crazy creamy coconut confection. (alliteration’s always awesome and amazing!) They actually taste great. There’s a strong flavor of cinnamon which mixes will with the sweet but chewy coconut cream filling. I don’t know if these things are the slightest bit authentic Irish but I do know that they are delicious! If you are a fan of coconut you need to run out and pick these up if you are able to find them. I owe my Great Uncle a pint as a thank you sometime. These do not only score top marks in taste but they’re about as wacky as I could ask for! Final score:

Well that concludes this latest edition of the Laidback Gourmet. Thank you as always for reading and you can send any and all praise and feedback to Also, I’m always open to suggestions for future reviews, so send them there as well. Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco your Laidback Gourmet wondering how on earth I was suppose to figure out that the tiny potatoes were actually coconut/cinnamon candy?

“Elementary my dear Mr. Eddie, you could have simply just read the box.” “

Insert Price is Right Tuba here

…oh. Well… *ahem*. I guess that’s why he’s the world’s famous Edmerican detective and I’m just simply the President of the whole country. See ya next time folks.

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