The Laidback Gourmet: Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints

Tis the Season to be Reviewing…

Just like last time, here’s some Christmas music to help enhance the spirit:

Feliz Navidad and welcome to another holiday edition of the Laidback Gourmet. As Christmas grows ever nearer I feel more and more like a kid again. So what better thing to review than something I used to enjoy as a kid, but with a new twist? I speak of Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints.

I have to wonder, they call them Junior Mints but have their ever been senior mints? Or if they were sold south of the board would they be called senor mints? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Well, them, and reviewing Jolt Cola before bedtime probably doesn’t help much either. You know, I miss Jolt Cola, I used to drink it in homeroom back in High School. I was up to 4 bottles a day. Then the paranoia set in, and long story short, I believed that our Principal was trying to kill us with single ply toilet paper. To this day that’s why they keep the TP under strict lock and key. That’s my legacy. Ahhhh memories…

Speaking of memories, that reminds me… I’m suppose to be doing a review. If you are still reading after that rambling diatribe, I thank you. Moving along with the review, these holiday oriented candies seem to be regular junior mints (a bean shaped lump of sweet mint paste wrapped in chocolate in case you’re living under a rock) with ground up candy cane in the chocolate coating. Well, what goes better with mint than more mint? Let’s take a look at them.

You know, I really like the look of these. The red speckles do look sorta Christmassy, which kind of surprises me, I thought they would just look like lumps with large ugly red flecks on them. Well, it’s either Christmassy, or they have Chicken Pox, but I’d like to believe that Junior Mints have had their vaccines, so let’s say they’re Christmassy. Let’s check out the texture of them…

Nothing squishes like a Junior Mint. There’s something awesome about that which I simply cannot explain. Just something from your childhood I guess. The texture is exactly what you’d expect a Junior Mint to be like, no surprises there, I only hope that those peppermint crunchies don’t ruin that awesome texture.

*om nom nom*

That’s pretty darned good! I was afraid that it’d turn out to be disgustingly pepperminty, but these taste like normal junior mints but with a little extra burst of peppermint as you bite down and chew on the tiny crunches. The crunches themselves are small enough that they don’t ruin the texture of the Junior Mint something that had concerned me. Gotta give this one high marks, 9/10. It’s nice to see a twist on a childhood classic that doesn’t completely ruin the source material. (I’m looking at YOU live action Yogi Bear)

Well that concludes this particularly wacky holiday edition of the Laidback Gourmet, but do not shed any tears, there’s plenty more Christmas coming up. Thank you, as always, for reading, and please feel free to email me your thoughts, suggestions, comments, or simply lavish they praise upon me at Until next time, this is Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet who’s going to go wash the Junior Mint goo off his fingers.

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