The Laidback Gourmet: Post Marshmallow Pebbles

*Yawnnnnn* Good morning, and welcome to another edition of the Laidback Gourmet, the home of the most fun food reviews on the net. And that’s not just me saying that… …a friend of mine who I paid for her endorsement said the same thing!

Well, *Yawnnnnn* it’s early on this Sunday morning and I need something for breakfast. Let’s see what I have in the old pantry. Hmm… some OJ, some purple stuff, oh cool, Sunny D! (I really should start keeping this stuff in the fridge and not the pantry.) Hmm, well well well, what have we here?

Look’s like our friends over at Post has created yet ANOTHER new flavor in the Fruity Pebbles line. Marshmallow Pebbles is the umpteenth flavor in the ‘Pebbles’ family, up there with such notable flavors as Cupcake Pebbles, Dino Pebbles, and Cinna-Crunch Pebbles. Well, since the gimmick here are the marshmallows, let’s take a look at them shall we?

Judging from the side of the box, I’d say moving from left to right (Top row then bottom), the shapes are suppose to be, a dinosaur, Rey Mysterio’s mask, a ghost (for some reason), the head of the guy from Sim City, and the Power Rangers Power Morphers. Interesting, if not slightly random, choice of shapes. Hey, I wonder what the marshmallow shapes really look like out of the box?

Ah, it’s much clearer to see what shapes they were meant to be. Going in order: An amorphous blob, an amorphous blob, an amorphous blob, an amorphous blob, and an amorphous blob. Alright, let’s actually pour this cereal out and give it a shot, it’s getting late and I haven’t had my breakfast tea yet.

Standard looking cereal, kind of reminds me of Marshmallow Krispies. Anyone remember those? Never mind. My first impression is, man, that’s a lot of marshmallows. This is gonna be freaking sweet isn’t it, and I’m not using those words as a slang. I mean this cereal is going to be sweet as all hell. Well, let’s add some milk…

…and give this one a taste. Hmm…, sometimes I hate being right all the time. This cereal IS really freaking sweet. I think even more sweet than other marshmallow cereals like Lucky Charms, but without having a bowl on hand I really can’t say that as a definite. Also, I was also spot on about it reminding me of Marshmallow Krispies. Since that cereal hasn’t been around for years I’m going by memory, but if my memory is right (and hey, first time for everything), the taste is actually pretty similar.

So, my score… I’ll give this one a 5/10. Personally it’s a little too sweet and the krispies, uh, I mean pebbles get soggy so quickly the texture feels like it’s a bit off. Lucky Charms has a much nicer mouth feel. (How’s THAT for using fancy food review terms?) That being said, younger kids will love how sweet this cereal is, and let’s face it, that’s the demographic Post is playing to. Why else use cartoon characters that were aimed at adults and was on prime time TV 50 years ago?

Before I go, just one more observation. What’s the deal with the marshmallows used in these cereals. They’re hard, they’re crumbly, and they don’t really soften in milk, they just start to dissolve. What evil mastermind could be behind such UNmarshmallow-like marshmallows?


Well, this is Ed DiFolco, The Laidback Gourmet, thanking you for reading, and reminding you that if you want to leave feedback, comments, suggestions for future reviews, or to simply lavish thy praise upon me, you can email me at Well, until next time, remember, when someone asks if you are a god… SAY YES.

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