Laidback Gourmet: Pumpkin Spice & Candy Corn M&M’s

Welcome back to the Laidback Gourmet. I was on vacation last week so I wasn’t around for my weekly review, so this week I’m making it up to you with a two-fer. As we edge closer to the wonderful feast holiday of Samhain, I found A pair of creepy confections just perfect for Halloween: Pumpkin Spice M&Ms and Candy Corn M&Ms. Feel free to insert you’re own maniacal laughter here:

Porygon has NOTHING on us when it comes to seizures.

In the past I’ve made many jokes about the many many varied flavors of Doritos out there, but I honestly wonder if there are actually more flavors of M&Ms than there are of those triangular chips. There’s already a ton of different varieties of M&MS and it seems like more are added every year. This year’s newest flavor is yet another edition to the growing hivemind conspiracy theory that is Pumpkin Spice.

I’m so tired of my candy looking terrified about its impending fate.

I love the art on this bag. Its like an anthropomorphic candy from another dimension materialized inside a pumpkin, blowing it up from the outside in, and it’s completely bewildered about how and what just happened. Or maybe someone just sold him a funny looking hat, I dunno. Let’s see what these look like:

Huh, so that’s what pumpkin spice seeds look like.

One great thing about M&Ms is the way they are able to theme their colors. Red, White and Blue for Independence Day, Red and Green for Christmas, Etc. That’s why I’m kind of disappointed about this particular color scheme. I guess orange, green and brown are all technically colors you’d find in a pumpkin field, but nothing about this collection would make me think Pumpkin. Heck, this could just as easily be vegetable garden. It’s not terrible, but also not their best effort. Well that’s enough eating with my eyes, lets eat with our mouths.

Om Nom Nom

My initial thoughts are it’s really good chocolate, but… where’s the pumpkin spice? First of all, I wasn’t’ really expecting these to be chocolate, but chalk that up to me not reading the bag properly, it clearly says chocolate. Second of all, its the typically good chocolate you come to expect from M&Ms. Lastly, there’s a hint of… something… maybe nutmeg… that lingers on your pallet after you finish off the candy, but its very subtle. So subtle in fact, that if you handed these to me out of the blue and asked me to identify the flavor, I’d never guess Pumpkin Spice.

Pumpkin Spice is hammered down our gullets (Pleasantly so) this time of year, and there’s rarely anything subtle about it, so it’s odd that this candy is so subtle about it. They’re not bad, but if I wanted the taste of Plain M&Ms (which I am a fan of), Id have just bought Plain M&Ms. The real shame is that I think the spice you can sort of taste is nutmeg, which is a shame because Cinnamon goes so well with chocolate. The concept of making pumpkin spiced chocolate candies are kind of wacky, but since this flavor is way overplayed this time of year, the wacky factor is mitigated. Final Score on these:

Next up: Candy Corn. The thing about Candy Corn is that you either seem to love it or hate it. Personally, I love it. White chocolate seems to fit that description as well, and fortunately, I’m a big fan of that as well. So I’m looking forward to trying these Candy Corn White Chocolate M&Ms.

He’s sexy and he knows it.

Once again, take a look at that artwork. That is a candy that knows shame. He’s ashamed of himself for wearing that thing and he’s ashamed of you for looking at him. I cant take looking at his accusing gaze any longer so let’s open these up and take a look at them.

Squeeeeeee!!!! (I think thats the sound of excitement on the internet, isn’t it?)

Ok, now see, THAT’S what I’m talking about when I said that M&Ms have the best color combinations. These look great, and they would look awesome sitting in a Halloween candy bowl of some sorts. Hell, they look good sitting in my “I feel like having ice cream but I’m not breaking out the proper bowls” bowl. These just scream Halloween fun, which sounds totally different than the screams the Trick or Treaters make when they come to my door. It’s obvious that these candies can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

*om nom nom*

…apparently not. Funnily enough they suffer from the exact same problem that plagues the pumpkin spice ones. If you gave these to me and asked, “What flavor are these” (Obviously not showing me the color scheme) I’d never guess Candy Corn. I’d say, “Sweet White Chocolate.” Yea, there’s a hint of… something… there, and I can’t place what it is, but it’s certainly not Candy Corn. I taste no hint of honey, no hint of wax, no hint of disappointment, or any other sensation you get when eating candy corn. Just White Chocolate that has a hint of something indescribable in the background. Again, they’re not BAD per say, it’s actually pretty good white chocolate, but as I said before, If I wanted to eat white chocolate M&Ms, I’d just buy a bag of those. They’re wacky enough, however, as I said before, the colors are awesome. Final score:

Well that concludes this marathon edition of the Laidback Gourmet. Thank you as always for reading, particularly this extra long version. Yes, I did have a great time while visiting Lancaster County, and I did manage to do a quick little, down and dirty, nitty gritty, off the cuff video review of Lapps’ Dairy that I’ll post in the future. If you wish to send me any feedback please email me at Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet, with a friendly reminder, only one week left til Halloween. Get your candy tributes ready, lest you suffer the wrath of the Elder Gods.

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