The Laidback Gourmet: Quakers Quisp Cereal

Welcome to the Laidback Gourmet, the only food blog thats so epic it could be considered a serial. Or considering what we’re looking at today, perhaps I should say ‘cereal’. However, before we get to that, I have to say, I love aliens. Be it Alf, My Favorite Martian, that chick’s father from Out Of This World , I just love aliens.

Green Turd:
“Oh really, dum dum?”

Ugh, well there are exceptions of course. Get the hell out of here you obnoxious green Scrappy Doo. Anyway, in general, I love aliens. You know what else I love? Breakfast cereals. What’s not to like? There’s such a variety of them from sweet to uber healthy, from corn based to rice based to wheat based, there’s just so many to choose from. So what happens when you mix aliens and breakfast cereals? Why you get the retro classic cereal, Quisp:

Ah Quisp, now there’s a real blast from the past. What? You don’t remember Quisp? Oh, kids today. Well I could give you a long detailed explanation about the origins of Quisp and his less popular counterpart Quake, but thanks to the wonders of Youtube I can explain it all with a quick video. Ged Bless the internet:

So basically Quisp is an punny wacky space alien who whores his image out for cereal. A true Edmerican hero. Here’s a fun fact: many consider him to be the first Edmerican to explore outer space.

The thing is Quisp’s popularity sunk and the cereal disappeared from the shelves. A funny thing happened though. Recently boxes of Quisp have been reappearing in stores and I for one welcome our pink space hero back with open arms. So upon seeing that my local store was stocking this retro treat I knew this was a Laidback Gourmet in the making. However before we get started there’s a comic on the back of the box, Make sure you check this wackiness out.

Alright, let’s open this blast from the past and pour us out a bowl of pure wacky.

Let’s zoom in for a closer look.

They look like little corny flying saucers of pure awesomeness. Either that or they look like someone deflated a whole spoonful of Corn Pops. How do they taste? Only one way to find out!

Om Nom Nom

This cereal is just delightful. And while delightful might not be the most manly word to use, I can’t think of anything that fits it better. The taste is similar to that of Cap’N Crunch but with a much more satisfying texture. No cutting your mouth open on these little quisps. Honestly, I don’t understand how this cereal could have disappeared for as long as it did because this is one good tasting breakfast cereal. Gotta score this one with an Out Of This World 9 out of 10. Congratulations you wacky pink alien. You deserve it and Edmerica salutes you. (Unlike some other green alien that should be drawn and quartered.)

Unfortunately it’s time for me to be blasting off. As always thank you for reading and please send your emails to or just leave a comment here on the site. Until next time this is Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet wondering if there is any way for the Great Gazoo to be any more obnoxiously annoying.

OH SWEET JESUS IN THE MORNING! I guess that answers that. This is Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet who’s just realizing that there are some questions that do not need answers.

…have you ever seen an image that makes you want to put your first through the screen more than that image does?

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