Laidback Gourmet: Daily’s Ready To Drink Pina Colada

Welcome back to the Laidback Gourmet where we are the middle of the dog days of summer. It’s hot out there and I really want something to help me beat the heat. Something frozen. Something refreshing. Something alcoholic. Yep, thats right, prohibition is not in force here at the Laidback Gourmet. I think what I’m really in the mood for is a Pina Colada. Who doesn’t like those? Coconut. Pineapple. Ice. Rum. All blended into an adult slurpee. What’s not to love? Well other than the fact that they can be a right pain in the butt to try to make at home. Well that all ends now with the brand new Daily’s Ready to Drink Pina Colada!

The next best thing to getting caught in the rain!

Ok, so here’s the gimmick on these. All the flavors and alcohol are in this bag. The directions on the back say you’re suppose to put the bag in the freezer for 8 hours or so then take it out, mash it up in your hands and then just pour and serve. Simple as that.

…wait a second. What does that say on the back?!?

Red circle expertly added by photoshopping”

Enjoy at home or ON THE GO?!? That’s not very good advice. In fact, I would suggest it’s best to enjoy your Pina Colada at a set destination and not while in transit, especially while operating heavy machinery. What an odd thing to write on your bag. Yes, I know they probably don’t mean it that way but that’s the first thing I thought of when I read it. Well… we got 8 hours to kill here. So to pass the time why don’t we listen to the Pina Colada song for the next 8 hours straight?

Come on, you must have known I was going to bring that song up at least once in this review. What a wonderful song about two people who cheat on each other with each other. So after refreshing that video 107 times it’s now 8 hours later. Upon taking the bag out of the freezer it does feel frozen and slushy but not a solid block. A promising sign. So the next step is to smoosh the hell out of it in your hands. Fun!


Actually it’s not as fun as it sounds because its sub-freezing cold and your hands quickly feel like they’re going to be overtaken by frostbite. Well at least my hands don’t feel hot anymore so I guess thats a plus. After mushing up the bag a bit its time to pour it into a glass, and I have just the one for this:

First the glass gets loaded, then I do

Actually the texture looks to be nice and smoothly frozen. And it smells strongly of pineapple and coconut. Well, time to try the first alcoholic beverage done here on the Laidback Gourmet.

I need one of those little umbrellas


Hrm. Well thats slightly disappointing. Oh, don’t get me wrong, its not bad, but it tastes slightly off. It took a few long tastes for me to realize what the problem was then it came to me. I rechecked the bag and it clearly advertises itself a WINE based beverage. The problem is Pina Coladas are traditionally made with Rum. Now, truth be told, I really am not that big a drinker but when I do drink I tend to favor Rum. So the fact that this is made with wine when I was expecting rum makes the whole thing tastes skewed. To be fair, its not bad, but also to be judgmental, its not nearly as good as it would be if it was made with Rum.

It’s really not THAT bad but to me the taste is a bit off. Me personally I’d rather buy one of those bottled mixes and use my blender. Also at two bucks a bag it’s cheaper to go the blender route as well. However, to be fair, there is a convenience of not needing ice or a blender, having everything in a handy little pouch. As for wackiness, I guess having booze in a sack for “on the go” enjoyment is a bit wacky. Final Score:

As the sun sets over the horizon another edition of the Laidback Gourmet comes to a close. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (Or winter for my Southern Hemisphere readers). Thank you as always for reading and please send any feedback to I’m always up for suggestions, comments or just outright praise. Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet, and I’m going to enjoy my crappy Pina Colada out on my Patio Chair with sunglasses on while playing the Beach Boys in the background. Ah, Summer.

…and no I don’t think that this is a girly drink. So there.

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