The Laidback Gourmet: Trop-A-Rocka Diet Snapple

Greetings and welcome to the newest edition of the Laidback Gourmet, the only place online where you will see the words “Gourmet” and “Mountain Dew” in the same article.

Well, its summer here on the Jersey Shore. And yes, I do live on the Jersey Shore, and no, I am not like nor do I know anyone like the shmucks from the MTV show of the same name.

So anyway, let me tell you, it’s been a hot summer here in NJ. “How hot is it???” It’s been so hot that when she jumps in the air, she gets stuck. …wait… did I cross cliché jokes again?

Anyway, when the temperature starts going up that means its time for my favorite drink. Iced Tea. I love the stuff, and I usually brew mine up fresh and sweeten it with a simple syrup (Email me if you want my recipe), it’s a simple as it is delicious. But sometimes you can’t make fresh brewed ice tea. Sometimes you have to look to a bottle. So just yesterday while in Rite Aid (local drug store) I saw Snapple’s newest flavor of iced tea, “Diet Snapple Bret’s (Michaels) Blend Tea Trop a Rocka”.

…and you people thought that the title of my last review was long!

Apparently Snapple is doing a cross promotion with the Celebrity Apprentice and since Bret won, he got to make a flavor. Actually in a nice move it’s not just sponsored by yet another insipid ‘reality’ show, but it’s also sponsored by the American Diabetes Association, since on the bottle Bret talks about how he’s a life long type-1 diabetic.

Bret claims that “My Snapple-osophy is simple: awesome taste, the best ingredients and zero calories.” Well, the bottle claims that each serving is 5 calories, so swing in a miss on one of those. I cannot claim whether they use the best ingredients since it doesn’t actually say what “natural flavors” they use, other than they must be “the best.” I guess they use “the best” Potassium Citrate as well.

But come on, none of that really matters. What really matters is how does this taste? Does this one rock as hard as Bret Michaels or do we have to say “You’re fired” to this drink? …cause that’s what he says on the show. If you didn’t laugh I’m sure you’ll get it later and laugh.

First let’s follow the directions and shake before serving. By the way, is it just a Jersey or East Coast thing where we shake our Snapple bottles by hitting the bottom as pictured below, or is that a common practice across The States? Feel free to comment about that.

Let’s pour this out, you’ll notice I’m using my Long Horn Caverns souvenir glass.

Well, my job on this site is to chug-a-lug, so a lug I shall chug. (Simpsons reference #2)

Hmm… not bad… actually not bad at all, it’s actually quite good! This one actually has a bit of a complex taste going on here. When you first take a drink it’s very heavily fruit flavored, though I don’t think I can quite place the fruit. The bottle shows a mango, so maybe that’s it. However, after you stop drinking there’s a subtle aftertaste of cinnamon. I know this isn’t my imagination because I didn’t notice the cinnamon on the label until after I tasted this. It’s actually a pleasant aftertaste, something you don’t usually get with a diet drink.

Well, my glass is empty so that should give you some idea how much I liked it so I’m going to give this one a solid 8 out of 10. This might not be my favorite iced tea out there, and since I’m bit of a purist I’ll always prefer straight up sweetened black iced tea over any flavored iced teas, this one is definitely one you should check out.

Well that it for this one, please feel free to email me with comments, suggestions or to lavish thy praise upon me at So until next time this is the Laidback Gourmet hoping everyone has a tea-riffic day.

…I need a catchphrase that won’t only be relevant when I review tea-based drinks.

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