Laidback Gourmet: Taco Bell Cool Ranch Dorito Taco

Hello, welcome back to an extra cool edition of the Laidback Gourmet. A little while back Taco Bell released the much anticipated Doritos Taco. For those of you who had your head completely buried in the sand and somehow missed the tons of obnoxious advertising Taco Bell deluged on us, the Taco Bell Dorito Taco was exactly what it sounded like. A taco with a shell made out of a Dorito’s nacho chip. People wondered why didn’t I bother reviewing this back in the day. The answer is simple. I bought one and there simply wasnt much to say about it. It was like a regular Taco Bell taco only saltier and dusty. Seriously, the Dorito Nacho power they covered the shell in was completely over powered by the taco meat that all it really added was extra salt. It just wasn’t worth reviewing.

Time passed on and everyone wanted to know, “Well there’s a nacho flavored taco, when is the Cool Ranch coming out?” Well Taco Bell is nothing if not a group of people that can make new things out of the same 10 ingredients so it was only a matter of time, and that time is now.

Locos Tacos means Hot Plate Taco

Yep, that’s me on location at Taco Bell. Specifically thats me behind Taco Bell because I still have no review table though I think I might have found a shaman that can help me get my table back from the dark-world. I wonder if all food reviewers have problems like this? Ok, I love this:

Always make sure your taco is protected for your safety

Gee, I wonder what kind of taco I ordered? Actually the taco shield has a use because the entire shell is dusted with Cool Ranch seasoning. You know I almost posted the old commercial that debuted Cool Ranch Doritos, you know, the one that looks like some kind of close encounter of the third kind? Then I remembered I used that one already. Eh, I’ll just hide it as an Easter Egg somewhere. Let’s take the protective shell off, shell we?


I know the picture kind of makes it look like its a regular taco shell but there’s actually a pretty decent coating of Cool Ranch ‘dust’ all over it. You can kind of see some of the blue specks thats traditional on Cool Ranch chips up near the top of the taco. Come to think of it, what spice is blue anyway? Alien peppers? Insanity Peppers? Ah well, lets take a big bite and see if this is better than the last Dorito taco.

*CRUNCH om nom nom*

It’s the un-burger

Ok, now that’s much better! While the Nacho flavored shell added nothing to the taco the Cool Ranch one actually adds a little extra flavor. Also I feel like this one isn’t nearly as salty. Though i suppose at the end of the day I guess you have to ask is “Does it make the taco any better than just a plain shell?” To that I have to say yes, but barely. It’s not bad, but it’s not exactly great either and much like its predecessor it doesn’t live up to the crazy hype. It’s worth trying if you’re going to Taco Bell but I wouldn’t suggest you race to the boarder to buy one either. Final Score:

Well that concludes this latest edition of the Laidback Gourmet. Thank you as always for reading and you can send any and all praise Wackymania gifts to Oh, and as always I’m the highly suggestive type for future reviews, so email me your thoughts! Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco your Laidback Gourmet wondering whatever did happen to that annoying talking chihuahua? I bet that’s whats inside those Cantina meals.

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