The Laidback Gourmet: Utz’s Sweet Chili Rice Crisps

Greetings and welcome to the Laidback Gourmet, voted the most deliciousness spot on the internet. At least it would have been voted that if there was such a contest and if deliciousness was a real word. Today we’ll be taking a trip down the snack food isle again. It’s a trip we’ve know all too well here at the Laidback Gourmet, though today we’ve discovered something a bit different. While I’ve reviewed many varieties of chips before they are usually either corn, potato, or flour based. Today I’ll be looking at the new Utz Rice Crisps.

I don’t know if this is the same through the whole world but here in my special section of Edmerica, and certain sections of NJ (so I’ve heard), I’ve been seeing these chips at every store I go to. Also, even though they are marked around three dollars and fifty cents I have yet to NOT see them on sale for more than two for four dollars. My guess is that they are having a hard time getting people to try this new brand of chips. Well, maybe The Laidback Gourmet can give them a bit of a promotional bump. (Hey, if you don’t overhype yourself, who’s gonna do it then?)

So there are three flavors of these crisps as far as I can tell: “Sea Salt”, “Salsa Fresca” and the one I’ll be eating today, “Sweet Chili”. I usually enjoy the mix of sweet and spicy so I have high hopes for this tasting. Let’s open them up and see what they actually look like.

As soon as I open the bag you can smell the sweet chili. It actually smells fantastic, I really hope they taste as good as they smell. As for how they look, I guess they look like your basic chip though they feel on the thick side. I wonder if that will affect the texture at all. It’s interesting that even though they are made with brown rice they have the color of just standard corn chips. Oh well, I suppose a chip is a chip is a chip, I don’t judge a chip on it’s color, I judge it on the content of its flavor… except those high and mighty blue chips. Can’t stand those… the way they look down on us commoners and turn up their nose at us.

Edmund: “Quite Right Good Fellow, those snooty blues might think they are the eggs, but the way they high hat us they can simply shove right off.”

Well put. Speaking of ‘well put’, I’m sure you’re all thinking “well, put those in your mouth already.” Alrighty then, here goes.

*Om Nom Nom*

Not bad! Maybe this would be a way to start ‘snacking smart’. You can definitely taste the sweetness before the heat of the chip starts to take hold. One complaint would be that the heat is a bit stronger than I’d like. At least unlike most chips you feel as if the heat is coming from flavor and not just heat for heat’s sake. Also, you can tell that these are rice chips, and while that might not be such a good thing with the other flavors it really works well with this one. Give the whole thing an Asian taste.

What’s the score you might ask? Let’s give this one a solid 7 out of 10. It’d be higher except I’m finding the more I’m eating the hotter my mouth is getting so as tasty as they happen to be it’s starting to hurt my enjoyment a bit. Still, I’d say go out and give these a shot if you see them at the store and they’re still on sale, especially if you are a fan of sweet and heat on the same team.

Well that concludes this edition of the Laidback Gourmet, thank you as always for reading, and I hope you enjoyed. Send your emails to or just leave a comment here on the site. Until next time this is Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet who’s preparing to go T.P. those snooty blue chip’s college dorm. Delta Tau Chi RULES!

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