Laidback Gourmet: Voodoo Chips

Hello and welcome to the Laidback Gourmet and have I got a strange tale for you readers today. I was at my local Wawa and I was just about to check out when I walked past an endcap of salty snacks. I think it was the names that really caught my attention:

Dolls with needles in them always makes me hungry!

Yea, names like “Gator Tators” and “Crawtators” were enough to make me stop but there was one bag to the right of it that really caught my eye. I knew I had to buy these so I immediately grabbed a bag and started to check out. However, the woman at the counter warned me that I was messing with forces beyond my comprehension and if I tried to review these chips I would “My food would never find rest” I told her that I’m Mr. Eddie, when there’s cursing to do, I’ll be the one to do it. I bought the chips and here I am ready to review. So I hope you appreciate the risk I’m taking in doing this review today as I take a look at the creepiest chips I’ve ever eaten, VOODOO CHIPS:

Dolls with needles stuck in them always make me hungry!

Personally the whole thing is ridiculous, I really don’t believe in curses. Besides what does that even mean? My food would never find a place to rest…?” Hey wait…


Ah… apparently my normal Laidback Gourmet table has been taken to the dark nether world. Well done, score one for the dark arts. Guess we’ll be doing this review in midair today. Anyway, what really got my attention with these chips is that while the other bags had wacky names they still clearly said what flavor they were. Dill, Cajun, Spicy. All things you can wrap your head around. However, take a look look at the voodoo bag. At no point does it say what flavor these things are gonna be? Are they gonna be crazy hot? Plain? Will they taste like chicken blood? Perhaps they’ll taste like Serpents and Rainbows? Well, as a wise man once said, “Suckas gots to know.” Let’s open them up

I was really hoping shadows were gonna burst from the bag.

Well, looks like a regular bag of potato chips. I dunno what I thought I’d find in there, maybe a skeleton key? Actually they smell pretty good. If I had to guess from the smell I’d say that they smell more tangy than they do spicy. I’m having a really hard time trying to guess what flavor they’re gonna be. Maybe they’ll just taste like a Sugar Hill? Let’s just eat one already

The house of the fried golden sun

*Om Nom Nom*

Hmmm, now that’s interesting! It’s almost like a combination of chip flavors in one. At first they are tangy and salty like a Salt and Vinegar style chip. However, as you eat it the flavor becomes a bit sweeter and a bit smokier. They’re actually really good though I don’t think you could have guessed that flavor from the name “Voodoo”. I guess the name is just a gimmick to try to get curious people to buy the chips to find out what flavor they are. I mean, come on, all the other chips were clearly marked with their flavor, but the mysterious black bag marked Voodoo just happens to have no clue what flavor they could be. I’m not complaining though, it worked. It got me to buy them, so props to them. It’s a gimmick, but its a gimmick that worked!

However, even after trying them I don’t think I know what flavor they’re suppose to be. Just a combination of sweet/sour/smokey/salty mix. I’m not sure if there’s a name for it. I guess I could always ask my friends on the other side, but I’d hate to end up owing them a favor. Alright I think I’m out of voodoo movie references which means this review is over. My score:

Well, thank you as always for reading, please send all your feed back to Praise, love, compliments, they’re all good, and they all go there. Until next time this is Ed DiFolco your Laidback Gourmet and if you’ll excuse me I’m going to look up “witch doctor” in the Yellow Pages in hopes that someone can help me get my beloved table back from the other side.

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