Laidback Gourmet: Virgil’s Root Beer

Hello and welcome back to the Laidback Gourmet. Just a week or two ago I was on Facebook and my fellow superfriender Aldofo was saying how awesome this root beer he got was. I believe the claim of best root beer out there was bandied about. Since I love good root beer my interest was piqued so I ran out to Trader Joes and grabbed me a 4 pack:

Oh… it say’s “Virgil”. I misread that before. I’m less excited about this now.

Look at that. Even if this root beer is terrible I’m pretty sure it can boast the best art on any bottle of root beer EVER! Just look at it. I’m not even sure what exactly I’m looking at here but Im pretty sure that guy in the beard is about to murder those children. Or perhaps he already did and this is just the afterlife since the box boasts, “So good you’ll think it was made in heaven.”

Although, now that I think about it, in Dante’s Inferno, Virgil was the guy who gave Dante a tour through hell. So maybe it’s so good you’ll think it was made in heaven but these wicked children, who I can also assume burned down a bus load of nuns, are drinking this nectar somewhere… else. Either way I just wish I could break my eye contact with the bearded guy’s death stare:

I can still see him even after I close my eyes!

As is the case with most gourmet root beers on the market you buy Virgil’s in a 4 pack of 12 ounce glass bottles, the way man was meant to drink his carbonated sugar water. None of those sissy metallic cans.

He’s still staring into my soul.

It’s blasphemous to add ice to root beer so I put a bottle in the fridge for a few hours and now it’s time to take it out and enjoy. There’s really only one kind of glass you can use when drinking a good beer, be it root or otherwise. A good old fashion pilsner glass:

I’m starting to think I own too many glasses…

No bottle opener needed here, its a simple twist cap. Of course its one of those twist caps with the sharp edges so you still end up doing it using your shirt to protect your hand. …am I the only one who does that? Well, let’s pour it out.

Apparently Virgil gives good head. (Hey, its a legit term ya perverts!)

Well, it has a great deep dark color and the smell is intriguing. It has a strong root beer smell with a hint of licorice somewhere in there. The smell almost reminds of the really strong, one might say too strong, root beer they sell in Amish Country. The stuff so strong people either love it or find it disgusting, with the majority on the latter side of the discussion. Well, let’s see how this stuff is.


glug glug

Mmmm. That is good! It has a REAL root beer flavor without being overly foamy. However the taste isn’t as strong as I thought it might be from it’s smell and I was hoping for a creamier taste since the bottle itself claims is the creamiest root beer this side of the afterlife. Don’t get me wrong, this is very good root beer however I would still Stewart’s freshly drawn into a frozen mug. Of course to be fair that’s freshly drawn root beer as opposed to being bottled. So, not the BEST root beer I’ve ever tasted but still pretty darned good. High marks for taste. And full marks for wackiness. Seriously, do I have to show you the label again or do you prefer sleeping without nightmares at night?

Well that concludes another edition of the Laidback Gourmet. Thank you, as always, for reading, and thank you to Adolfo for the heads up on this quite good root beer. Be sure to check out all his movie reviews as well as his podcast along with Sportsguy right here on the site. If you would like your voice heard than shoot me an email at Ive been getting more email lately and quite frankly, I love it, so keep it coming. Until next time, I’m Ed DiFolco, your Laidback Gourmet reminding everyone not to accept root beer from strangers. Especially strangers that looks like they’ve murdered entire villages in the dark of the night with an broken bottle of root beer.

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