Ramblings – What I Want From E3 2012

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E3 is less than a week away.  I wanted to go through some things that I would like to see at the event this year.Star Wars Battlefront III.  The game has been in development and canceled about three times already.  But the Battlefront series was awesome, and I just want more.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III.  With the Old Republic MMO ongoing, it’s unlikely we’ll get a single-player KOTOR sequel anytime soon.  But I can hope.

Wii U name change.  Wii U is such a stupid name.  Heck, Wii is a stupid name.  I really hope Nintendo changes the name of that system.

Renewed life for the Virtual Console.  Since Nintendo isn’t doing shit for the VC on the Wii, I at least hope they will bring it back for the Wii U.  The VC had such awesome potential, and it was mostly wasted.  Sure, there was a number of major games added, but so many were shunned.  The 3DS VC also has a lot of potential, but they’re still holding the GBA library from everyone but the early-adopters they screwed over with the price drop last Summer.  Ideally the VC would have as many games as possible, but Nintendo seems content with a bare minimum.  It’s such a waste.

Twisted Metal DLC.  Yeah, Jaffe already said it’s not going to happen.  I love the Twisted Metal series, but the PS3 version has lost its shine a while ago, especially with the shallow offline modes, and it’s in dire need of something fresh.  New maps, new modes, etc.

Valve on Linux.  I think Valve said they won’t be at E3, so it’s unlikely this will happen there.  Steam and the Source Engine coming to Linux is all but confirmed.  Phoronix had photos of both running on Ubuntu and a detailed write-up of the company’s experience with Linux, but Valve themselves have yet to make it official.  All I want is the official word.

Legacy of Kain 6.  Square Enix was rumored to be considering a Soul Reaver reboot.  That makes me sad.  I want a conclusion to the existing series before they go rebooting the world.  And why Soul Reaver?  Kain is by far the more interesting of the two protagonists.  Why reboot Raziel’s story?  Give me Kain, and make sure Simon Templeman is his voice.  NO ONE ELSE can do the voice of Kain.

Mega Man Classic/X Crossover.  I know, with how Capcom is treating the blue bomber, this is never going to happen.  It’s a shame, too.  The time period between the Classic and X series is the most intriguing part of the Mega Man mythos.

A new Kirby Super Star.  The original Kirby Super Star was great.  Kirby Super Star Ultra was better.  I think Nintendo could stand to make a Kirby Super Star 2.  New stories, new modes, and maybe give Meta Knight his own full-fledged story.  It was cool how you could play as him through all the other modes in KSSU, but I want him to have his own dedicated story and not just following Kirby’s footsteps.

This is just what I can think of right now.

A quick note about my E3 plans.  I will not be doing a running blog this year.  Instead I will sit down after the press conferences and give my thoughts after the fact.  I’ll be able to pay more attention to the conferences and be able to have more time to put my thoughts together.  So, see you Monday.

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