The Laidback Gourmet: Coconut M&Ms

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Laidback Gourmet, a place where the casual eater can go to find new tastes to try, usually with no more than a trip to the local grocery store or drug store. In fact, its the latter where I found today’s review.

Today we’re looking at one of the newer M & M flavors: Coconut. As a matter of full disclosure I’m a big fan of M&Ms. In fact, Peanut M&M’s are probably my favorite type of candy. I’m also a big fan of just about anything coconut so when I saw these sitting on the shelf of my local Rite Aid I knew this was something that I had to try. Would this marriage of my favorite candy and one of my favorite tastes be a match made in heaven? Let’s find out.

To start with let’s take a look at the packaging.

Not bad, but the packaging color is a little bland, although they were probably going for a coconut color I suppose. Here’s something I never understood. Is M&M trying to make ‘Green’ a sexy symbol? If so, who is going to be attracted to anthropomorphic chocolate? I’d imagine that’s a fairly small demographic. I could see the Red M&M getting all pissed off and yelling, “You got Chocolate Fever! You better stay away from our women!” I mean, its a round thing with legs, that’d be like trying to turn Ms Pacman into a sex symbol.


Moving on as quickly as I can, let’s open it up and and take a peek inside. I am of course referring to the bag of M and M’s and not Green’s legs. Sickos.

Fairly standard amount of M&Ms for this size packaging and price. Not sure if I love the colors though. Why Green, Brown and White? That makes me think “mint” more than coconut. I guess they didn’t want to go blue and white since that will make you think of Almond Joy… or Hanukkah. (Though you do get those awesome coconut macaroons around Passover, so I can see the link.)

Let me just pour these M&M’s onto a plate and we’ll give these a try.

There we go, I assure you I poured them out completely at random. Ok, let’s give this a taste. I’ll start by eating Green. Please don’t read into that.

Hm, this is pretty good. They have a similar texture to that of a regular M&Ms, maybe a bit harder, which is odd because I thought that they might have a softer texture considering they’re coconut. Let me try another one. These are actually really good, they kind of remind me of eating bite size Mounds, just a different texture. I don’t think they’d replace peanut M&M’s as my favorite, but I would buy these again, no question.

So, score… let’s see… I think we’ll give this one a

out of 10. Pretty clever use of M&Ms, huh? So I’d have to say that this is one to give a try, especially if you’re a fan of coconut, or at the very least coconut flavor since I doubt there’s any real coconut in these. Well that wraps up another edition of the Laidback Gourmet, remember, you can always email me thoughts, comments, suggestions or to simply lavish thy praise upon me on at Until next time I leave you with this thought, if M&M is trying to make Green a sex symbol, does that give a different meaning to “Melt in your mouth, not in your hands”?

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