The Laidback Gourmet: Little Hugs

Hello, greetings, welcome, and all that jazz, to another edition of the Laidback Gourmet. Now, over these previous weeks, months, and years… or at the very least, the five columns I’ve penned, I generally take a look at newer items to give you some insight on what you might be interested in trying.

Well, today we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to go a little retro here. I’m going to look at something I haven’t tasted in years, but was definitely a staple of mine, and just about everyone’s childhood, at least here in the great state of New Jersey. Today we will be talking about “Little Hugs”

Ah, Little Hugs, what is about these things that we loved so much as kids? I don’t know, but these little grenade shaped bottles of liquid sugar certainly has whetted many a child’s whistle’s these past 180 years. At least that’s how long they feel like they’ve been around, but thanks to my crack research team of hobos I found out that they’ve only been around since 1974.

Now you might be wondering what made me go and review a product that’s been around for over 35 years now. Well, the other day I’m in the local drug store and there they are, sitting on a shelf. And I crack a joke to my sister who happened to be there with me, about how these things are diabetes in a bottle. So just for S and giggles I go over to check the sugar content, surely these things have to be in the 30 grams per serving range, at LEAST.

Well… turns out they’re not. …and don’t call me Shirley.

Actually according to the label they only have 2 grams of sugar per serving! That’s considerably less than soda or even most fruit drinks. “How can that be?” I asked myself. There’s no actual juice in these things and the second ingredient is corn syrup. Maybe after you reach 100 grams of sugar the odometer cycles back over to zero? So obviously this requires further research. (Actually it was my sister’s idea to review it, as I’m sure she’ll insist I point this fact out.)

So there it is. A Little Hug. By the way, did you know if you mixed a Little Hug with Rum they call it “Dry Humping”? No? Well, they do now. Now how does one drink one of these? Open up the foil and then pour it into a glass? Heck no, there’s only one way to drink one of these.

Hold it like a grenade and slam it! You’ll notice we’re going with the Fruit Punch flavor today. Well, down the hatch!



Man, it’s true, you can’t go home again. I used to love these things as a kid, but I have to say, as an adult they’re kinda watered down and flat. Almost as if you were going to make fruit punch from one of those powder mixes but you don’t add enough. I think I’m done drinking this one. As for a score, I guess i’ll give this one a 4 out of 10, if only for nostalgia sake.

Man, I thought I was going to love these so I went and bought a 6-pack! What am I going to do with the rest of these. Hmm… actually looking at the shape of these things I think they give me an idea. Hang on a sec.

Well, on t, now I just have to dress a mouse up like an Italian Stereotype Plumber and we’ll be set. Oh Nintendo, at least you’re something from my childhood that never disappoints me.

SIGHS… Goddamnit…

Well, on that disappointing note we come to the close of yet another Laidback Gourmet. Please feel free to send your feedback, comments, suggestions, or to simply lavish thy praise upon me to Until next time, this is Ed DiFolco, the Laidback Gourmet reminding you to get hugs, not drugs. Unless you want you’re very own team of crack hobo researchers, then you might need the drugs. Hey, I don’t call them my CRACK research team for nothing!

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